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Symbols memories: Hobbs pond

16 May

The yellow Canoe slipped in the water at Hobbs pond as Al held the gunwale. I boarded her, then held my paddle stuck in the bottom mud until Al boarded. Paddling gently we navigated through the reeds, listening to the redwinged blackbird’s protecting their nesting territory from the invaders. We kept to the open water on our way to the wider section of the lake.

As we came around the bend headed to open water we saw a flurry of activity over to the left. Every time we took our canoe out we look for birds and wildlife, scanning rushes, rocks, lake bottoms and shoreline. We paddled quietly and speak softly to each other, and have been rewarded with many sightings

This day our luck was in. On a tree branch hanging out old water we saw a pair of goldfinches chattering. We sunk our paddles in the mud to hold us steady and stopped to watch. In front of our eyes, near the clump of reeds we saw a baby goldfinch teetering on a slimmer read. As the parent birds continued to call him back he took a faltering flight and landed on the low branch of the tree encouraged by his success he flew near to the parent birds paragraph.

“Look,” I said to Al, “they are teaching the baby to fly.” As we turned our eyes back to the reeds in the water we saw another baby goldfinch trembling as he grasped his swaying read. We held our breaths as steady as our paddles held the canoe in place. Hesitantly the baby flew up, to the encouragement of his parents.

We stayed still and quiet as we gently turned our heads back to the reeds. Sure enough another goldfinch ventured up the reedy stem an answer to the parents cries, and flew up to the tree branch. Eventually four baby finches rested in the tree.

As we watched in awe the parents then encouraged the babies to fly from one limb to another, until they were able to fly away. Turning our canoe out of the reeds back into the mainstream we slowly paddle on. The clear water, warm sun and soft breezes and the miracle of the birds made a special day.