Sybel’s Memories Our trip to Louisana …continued

28 Feb

Most interesting was the cemetery. The walk on guide told us the graves are above ground because of the high water table and the flooding that often took place in this low land.

Each mausoleum had names and birth and death dates of each family member buried there. And sometimes names of slaves that were buried with the family. In order to contain all the family, the bodies that had turned to dust were in enterred in a crypt in the base of the monument. It was sad to see listed deaths of so many small children. The guide told us the monuments were handed down through the family by deed just as any other real estate.

We stopped in a park and all descended on the building housing the restrooms and snack bar. I chose an ice cream cup nameed “chubby hubby”. It had all kinds of good stuff in it… Nuts, Caramello, tiny marshmallows, etc. And was absolutely delicious just like husbands.

A lot of the group went down to the French Quarter this afternoon. We came back to the hotel to rest up for tonight’s dinner at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company restaurant. That will be our last Louisiana experience.

Thursday night: Boy this afternoon we sacked out! We were so tired. Half or more of our group went down to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, but we all joined together to go to the restaurant. Sue, Bo, Al and I said at a table for four and the restaurant with a lot of Forrest Gump Momento’s we enjoyed talking together. Sue has been so busy keeping the trip going, but she tries to spend some time with each couple or group.

Bourbon Street was a noisy place since there had been something that required police cars red lights and sirens on down the street. We did not discover what it was.

After we finished our dinner a group of eight mule drawn carriages pulled up in front of the restaurant. Al and I went up and petted the first mule and then climbed into the front seat with the black driver. We went up Bourbon Street and around several blocks onto another street and then into the Italian section. Our driver was well-informed and in addition to answering our questions, speaking loud enough for the ones in the back to hear, and directing the mule, we had a good time, learned a lot about the area and the rich and famous “who had lived there” and so on. He pointed out a gay bar to us which was openly acknowledged… Even, you might say, with pride.

It ended too soon, and we walked up Bourbon Street couple of blocks to where our driver had parked the bus. We rode back to the hotel past all the big hotels and the high-rise business buildings onto the multilevel streets, saw again the sports arena. We’ll never remember all we saw and did, but have truly enjoyed our stay here.

Tomorrow it’s up at 6 AM, baggage outside by 6:30 AM and we board the bus at 7:30 AM heading to Vicksburg Mississippi.

Some interesting things we have learned about New Orleans… The Mississippi River was discovered by DeSoto.

The designation “Creole” was the people first born in New Orleans.

Shotgun houses which are houses where a person could shoot the gun to the front door and the bullet would go through the house and out the back door, (provided all the doors were open). A double shotgun houses one with two families can live and the two front doors and all the inside doors so aligned as in a single house.

Enough for today. We are enjoying the people on the trip, some we had not met before. We saw gay bars on Bourbon Street… Separate gay bars for men only.

Back to the hotel and up outside stairs to our third-floor room, we packed our stuff so would be ready to leave in the morning.

Friday we loaded in our bus and took off for Vicksburg Mississippi. We went to a lovely home they are which reminded me of Montpelier in Maine, not that it was quite as big, but that it was occupied about the same time, and by a military man also. The gardens were nice, and we enjoyed sitting in the back patio, waiting for our turn to tour the home. Then we saw a film about the national Park and drove afterwards through the park and cemetery where both Northern and Southern soldiers were buried during the Civil War. One soldier turned out to be a girl, and she is buried there to. It seems her boyfriend was killed and she donned his uniform and fought to the death also.

We saw monuments erected by the states that fought in the conflict… And no, Maine did not have monument there.

We had spotted gambling boats on the river and some of our group could hardly wait to get supper over so they could go to try their luck. Not me! We had dinner at Jaques in the park in the Battlefield Inn. After dinner we went on to our motel. There was a mall and some shops over there but I couldn’t persuade Al to go so I didn’t either. I was just looking for a bookstore anyways and I couldn’t see one from the driveway.

Some of our group went to the casinos to try their luck. Some even won some money. I didn’t hear of anyone that lost his shirt at the gaming tables.

Saturday morning we hopped on a bus after breakfast at the end and rode to the Coca-Cola museum where Coke was first bottled in the USA. After that we got back on the bus for a trip home.

Sue reported that she and Darlene thought it would be a good idea to stop at McDonald’s for lunch, since they had some funds left over, enough to feed us all. They trotted across the parking lot to inquire if McDonald’s could accommodate us, and they said yes, though they had quite a lot of customers already. That was a fun impromptu lunch.

After lunch we got back on the bus for the final leg of our journey home. We were all pretty tired by then, all but our mouths. We had a lot to talk about… At least some did! It was dark when we got back to the center, picked up our luggage and headed home.

Lorene was at our house with Bill Bailey and we told her about our trip. All of a sudden Bill Bailey ran across the room and bit Al a good bite on the back of his hand. That’s the first time Bill Bailey has bitten Al, although he latches on to me every once in a while.

After telling Lorene all about our trip… Or as much as we could remember right off quick, Al drove her home and I followed in our car to bring him back. We didn’t bother to set up talking or playing with the the cat, we just sacked out. It has been quite a week.

Would we go on another senior trip? You bet!


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  1. Mimi Broihier March 2, 2013 at 12:12 am #

    Sounds like a great time! I think NO is a great place too, however, stay away from those blue-green drinks! Yikes!

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