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October 21, 1991 Sybel’s Memories

8 Oct


I  had been ailing a long time and finally I was hospitalized and an exam done, an incurable bowel disease.  I suffered for a year longer and finally my doctor said “Mrs. Mills, there is no cure.”  I became bedfast and Al changed doctors for me.   Dr. Dennison immediately put me in the hospital.I was examined and the next day was sent to Maine Medical Center in Portland.  I was in such pain that every time the ambulance went over the railroad tracks, I cried  I had ulcerative colitis – ulcers in the large intestine.

I was hooked up to an IV and they started blood transfusions immediately.  For 11 days I laid in bed in pain so bad it hurt to move.  Even the maid bumping my bed leg with her dust mop gave me pain.  I could take nothing by mouth.

All medication, vitamins and narcotics were given by shots or through the IV.  I asked how long I could live on IVs and the Doctor said offhandedly. “oh a year or more”  The memories of those day sis a haze of pain and fever.Al came the 90 miles twice a week.  Wednesdays and Sundays, to visit me.I waited from one visit to the next to see him.  I believe that hope kept me alive.  On the eleventh day I was taken down to be examined internally again.  I hurt so bad I asked the nurse to call Al.  I wanted him so bad.  Finally a nurse came in and told me Al was coming. Then she started shaving my stomach..  I asked why.